Effects of Changing Dimensions

When we doubled the dimensions of Carlos the Scale Factor is 2. When we find the area you use the scale factor twice because there is a length and width making the area four times bigger. If the scale factor is three the perimeter would be multiplied by three. If you have a scale factor of 3 your area will be multiplied by 9 times as much because there is a length and width.


Pythagorean Theorem

What I learned from Pythagorean Theorem is the small side and medium side that is mainly referred to as side a and b  are squared and then added together which equals to the square of side c. This formula only works on right triangles.





Power of Education

”The extremists afraid of books and pens the power of education frightens them”is one of the amazing quotes from I am Malala about education and freedom.In my opinion, there are two different ways people view school in a positive or in a negative way. Children in America view school as a demand but children who can’t go to school appreciate the chance and opportunity.

Most kids in America view school as a demand there are many reasons such as laziness,or trying to avoid something or someone,and the most common reason why is because we feel like we could be doing more fun things than sitting in a classroom all day. Kids in America have all these luxurious things such as being able to walk where they want when they want.

We get to make most of our choices for ourselves. The biggest problem today is that we have all these goods made from these other countries which are spoiling kids and even adults while the kids in places such as Pakistan don’t have one toy.

For example, one of my friends from my old school told me that last year was the worst year of school because she didn’t try hard enough because she took school for granted,the way she fixed that was she try challenging ways to not be lazy. That showed me that I should never give up and always try hard.

While in America we view school as a demand,kids in other parts of the world at school in a way they could grow up and one day become a doctor,engineer,or even one day a scientist. In other words, Malala Yousafzai stands up for her rights as a strong woman and makes speeches about you should be who you want to be because she believes everyone should be able to get an education. It is important to strive in school for many reasons. Kids who don’t go to school are most likely to be afraid of many things such as group work. Children in places like Pakistan view school as a benediction on the contrary kids in America view school as a requirement. Education is important to Malala from the book I am Malala here’s an example,”The extremists are afraid of books and pens the power of education frightens them.”

Earth Day

Earth Day


Earth Day is when you celebrate when the Earth got noticed it needed to be clean.

The reason we have Earth Day is because there was never so much trash seen.

So recycle your papers so trees  don’t die .Even clean the aluniaum off of a pie.

Remeber to always recycle.   So it does’t end the earths and our life cycle.

Child Labor

fun. Most  parents didn’t like it that there kids had to get up super early at three am to go work in different places like factories, coal miner kids and newspaper boys. I agree with the parents of  the kids, but the families would have had said  something but they needed the money to go toward food so they can stay healthy. My last I think that Child Labor was not fair at all lots of kids did not get a good education .Kids  would also get hurt ,not  get to see their  family , and   not be able to play or do what they want forthing to say about Child Labor is that the people who paied the adults were being greedy and they wanted to save money they did but it was misirible for the kids who worked and their families.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Thank you for listening to my opion about Child labor in the early 1900to 1940s.