What it would be like being a potter in Colonial time

Dear Colonial time me,                                                                                   If I was a potter in the colonial time for a day I would have a daughter or son. I would really enjoy my job if I had it,because I could say to myself whenever I’m sculpting the skies the limit with my designs. If I wanted to be a potter I would need strong hands,creative minds,and most importantly non selfish.This is what it would be like if I was a potter in the colonial time period.


What it means to be a Roughneck is to be loyal,kind and forgiving.I think that Homecoming is a good way to keep in touch with your old teachers your classmates and etc.You are a true roughneck if you are these things up here.It doesn’t mean if you wern,t born here or lived here your whole life that it means you are not a roughneck. Repeat after me in 1 2 3 go roughnecks!!!Thank you for listening for what I said about being a part of White Oak.


What I learned about exploration was that Lucas vaquez de allyon was a very sucessful man.I always wanted to know who discoverd the cheesepeake bay.He discoverd many things.


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Jamestown or Plymouth

I would choose Plymouth. I would choose Plymouth because it was sometimes had more freedom. That doesn’t mean I don’t think that Jamestown didn’t have freedom but Plymouth had more they had more of a choice than Jamestown.Once everybody got settled in.