November Memories

One time in November on Thanksgiving day I remember cooking the Thanksgiving dinner with my mom. We made turkey ,corn , mashed potatoes, and many more things.

I really enjoyed making the apple pie with my mom. The first thing we did was get the dough into the

holder, and then added the apples.

Finally ,we put the top of the apple pie on, andĀ put it in the oven. It said to put it on for 10 to 12 minutes.

Once It was done, we gave everybody a piece , and they tasted it. Everybody said ‘This apple pie is delicious’. Once we were finished eating I told my mom ‘Thank You for letting me cook with you. This was the Best Thanksgiving ever.

Mount Rushmore Project America

For Project America I have been researching Ā about Mount Rushore here’s some information.