American Revolution Summary

I really enjoyd studying American Revolution events,people,and many more things.My favorite project was when I did my ABC’S project I learned so much information about battles,people and things . I learned about the Battle of Yorktown,Mount Rushmore,and Paul Revere many more things too.Thank you for listening to my summary about learning about the American Revolution.


For coding I played with angry birds and I also played on code combat. I think that code combat was the easiest.I would rate coding from 1 to 10 being 1 lowest rate 10 highest rating.I would rate coding number 6.I rated it number 6 because it seemed to easy,but the nice part about coding is it helps your mind with harder things,and gives you a challenge.

American Flag

Have you ever thought of who actually made the American Flag?

No one actually knows who made it so I will tell you who I think it was.

I think Betsy Ross was the person to make the flag.

The reason I think its Betsy Ross is because George Washington asked her because he went to church with her.

Another Reason I think Betsy Ross made it was because she could sew and knit really well.

The Final reason was because she acted like she would be the happiest person in the world to make the Flag.

Thank You for listening to who I think made the American Flag.

Francis Marion

Francis M used to be an United States Soilder.

People knew him as the Swamp Fox.

Was an Colonial American Soilder.

Fought against Cheerekoe 1759.

Was very important.

He’s very tough and kind.

He also was born in South Carolina.

Was very  special because of his very hard work.

francis m

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